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Revenue Management Service

Professional Hotel Revenue Management Service

With our proven track record of success in delivering our hotel revenue management service to both local hotel chains and 60+ properties over the course of 12 years, we can assure you of our expertise in the business and can guarantee you the best hotel revenue management performance.

To many people understand that revenue management for hotels is all about listing your property on OTAs and adjusting selling rates up and down in relation to the amount of bookings received. In principle, this is partly correct but this is only the surface not the core principle. To manage this needs a touch of professionalism that covers attention to detail, such as Rate Structure, Market Segmentation, Competitor Set, Budget and Forecast, Dynamic Pricing and above all the Average Net Rate to Hotel that must be higher and in good balance between Occupancy Rate and Average Daily Rate.

Our Special Features In Revenue Management Service For Hotel Accommodation

A Team of Revenue Management Specialists

Your hotel accommodation will be in good hands of our revenue management specialists at cost-effective prices. Give yourself and your operations staff more time to service your guests and leave your revenue management tasks for us.

Reduce the burdens of workload and saving you costs from full-time employment

Our service can help you reduce a few full-time posts, including E-commerce / Revenue staff and sometime will include Reservation too.

Minimum Monthly Income Guarantee

We have various service options available subject to your budget and requirements. One of our available options include guarantee on *minimum monthly income so to provide your hotel a minimum base income to support your daily basic operations.

Notes:   * Minimum monthly income guarantee will be calculated and assessed in different ways subject to the size of the hotel, location, status , i.e. a brand new hotel or a hotel that has been open for a while with existing revenue records, and the current market situation.

Our Service Options

Subject to your property size, and requirements, we have the following options available: -

1) Complete Revenue Management Service
Our full scale service will come with minimum monthly income guarantee. The service contract requires a minimum of 2 years.

Service scope includes
1.1)    Competitor Evaluation
1.2)    Price Benchmarking
1.3)    Pricing Grid / Rate Structure
1.4)    Price Strategy
1.5)    Demand Calendar
1.6)    Hotel Website & Direct Channel Strategy
1.7)    Rate Loading / Promotion Strategy
1.8)    Online Distribution Strategy

2) Channel Management
Our Channel Management service offers limited scope of work and will have lower service fees, which will not include minimum monthly income guarantee. The service contract requires a minimum of 1 year.

Service scope includes
2.1)    Increase occupancy through your current distribution channels and establish new channels that will be beneficial to your hotel
2.2)    Increase revenue from our managed channels
2.3)    Optimize revenues from selected channels
2.4)    Rate Plan set up / Rate Mapping / Pairing including managing promotions, related sales campaigns
2.5)    Review & evaluate online strategies
2.6)    Maintain Rate Parity / Market Parity

3) Professional Consultancy Work – Hotel E-commerce
The service is more suitable for large hotels, including chains, where there is a lack of experts in this particular business field and would like to have a professional consultant to come in and help establish online / e-commerce strategies, including forming a team to take care of the tasks in the future.

Our minimum service contract is one year and fees are calculated base on the hotel size, location, and expected revenue from online market .

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