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We are a specialist and expert in hotel direct bookings. With more than 15 years in the business, our Hotel booking engine system is developed with a concept that provides the properties with the tool that is easy to use and flexible. It is our mission to help deliver more direct bookings to hotels / properties subscribed to our service, including generating more repeated business.

Why do you need a hotel booking engine on your website?

This is still questionable in many hotels’ mind as many hotels still believe guests would prefer to book with OTAs rather than book direct with hotels.

But when it comes to paying hefty commission bills each month, hoteliers would feel the pain, particularly during the unusual circumstances, where hoteliers are forced to sell at much lower prices.

The main principle of this is for the hotels to fight back and has its own loyal group of guests. If they are able to achieve this, they would be less dependent to OTAs.

Many hotels work hard to achieve and have earned their rewards. The more direct bookings the hotel has, the better profitability ratio or its higher average net rate, becoming less dependent to OTAs and improving their brand loyalty.

Some of our key system attributes that can help you increase more direct bookings

More frontend design options to choose

We have up to 4 available design options to choose. This does not include a function for you to customize your own colour tones to match with your hotel’s website.

Google Hotel Ads

To give your property a competitive edge and put your property in the same playing field with OTAs, you can display your hotel alongside with those OTAs through our connectivity with Google Hotel Ads. Your prospective guests can now compare and select to book direct on your website via our booking platform.

Diverse promotional options

Our system has acquired key promotional features from various OTAs and has made these options available for our hotel members to adapt and apply to their own benefits. These include Combined Rates, Combined Promotions or Price by Point of Sale.

Option to integrate to Bank’s online payment gateway

We make payment online easier from many leading banks in ASEAN or from payment solutions like PayPal and Alipay for example.

Connectivity with leading Social Media Platforms

You can install our Booking Engine on your property facebook fan page or on Instagram. This will help increase chance to sell on your direct channels. Furthermore, you can configure different prices to be displayed on these social media platforms.

Maximum security

We have worked with our strategic partner is delivering the best possible online security solution to store sensitive guest’s information such as credit cards. This will include several layers of protections and ensuring your guest’s data is well protected and securely stored on a different server.

Any request for access to guest’s sensitive data will need to be authorized and accessed with a new password.

Click here to learn more about 1HotelREZ and what features we have available in order to help you gain more direct bookings.

Why choose our hotel booking engine?

Professional Customer Support at any time

Not only we do provide you with technical assistance such as loading rates, promotions, we also give you techniques how you could increase your direct bookings, including providing periodical online research and price check on your competitors.

Flexible Plans

We have both commissionable (free set up) and fixed monthly fee (for unlimited bookings).

Performance Monitoring

You can always check your hotel website performance via Google Analytics. Our Hotel Booking is connected to Google Analytics via an API, which provides you with essential data so you can refer to statistics like booking conversion, booking funnels as well as booking flows.

Click here to see our pricing references based on different hotel sizes or click here for our staff member to contact you back for a free consultation.

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